About Hamona


Hamona is the acronym of Harmony with Mother Nature.

Hamona Vietnam Ltd. is the worldwide pioneer in manufacturing and marketing premium fresh coconuts.

Founded in 2013, Hamona has inherited the sophisticated biotechnology achievement from a whole generation of leading scientists, along with hundreds of years of experience in farming coconuts, and benefited from the thousand-years unique natural prosperous environment in Mekong Delta area in Vietnam.

Inspired by our Mother Nature, Hamona premium fresh coconuts are the first in the world being applied biotechnology to preserve the very natural flavor and smell of the coconuts.

Through the whole chain from harvesting, processing and storing to delivering to the end consumers, Hamona coconuts remain living fruits with all the process of natural biotransformation, just like any on-tree coconuts.

Hamona sets up a tightly controlled collaboration with farmers, harvesters in order to take in the best coconuts, and deliver them to distributing partners, wholesalers and retailers’ chains with the highest commitment to preserve the stability of quality and freshness of the coconuts handed to end consumers.

Sensed right from its name, Hamona gives prominence to the living styles which are harmonious with Mother Nature.

“Harmony with Mother Nature, Purity of Human Nature”.

Hamona is deeply convinced such life styles always bring and prolong youthfulness and freshness, both physically and spiritually, to mankind all over the world and for every cherished customer of Hamona.


Hamona’s principles:

  • Integrity: Hamona is applied to the highest standard and requirement of truthfulness, fairness and open-mindedness in work.
  • Quality: Our first mission and top priority is to provide products of consistent premium quality.
  • Non-stop improvement: The fact that Hamona provides the unique kind of premium fresh coconuts in the world will never keep us from self-improvement for better products with better value for customers and society.